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Life is a resource management game. We believe we need to make accurate decisions in order to achieve maximum happiness with our time here on this planet. In order to understand happiness, you must understand how to play to win, believe in your services, dissolve emotions, and strive for an ultimately perfect world. This art is not about competition between you and others, it is simply about you versus you. I want to help you understand these concepts so you may better understand life. – Feel free to buy some books on personnel management to further understand personal finance, budgeting, and human resources.

The only way to take control of our mind’s is to shoot for perfection. The pursuit of happiness will automatically reward with resources and understanding. Worst case scenario is that you gain knowledge or more resources by building on your foundation of understanding. Approach every situation with a win-win-win type of mentality. Your mind is a goal-achieving mechanism, constantly rejecting clarity, but yet if you can differentiate your body from the mind you can move any mountain you wish to choose.

Pain is strength. Every hardship you face is an additional layer of strength for you in the future. Understand the layers of your pain to use it as wisdom and others will acknowledge you understand this part within you. Take note of what others say or how they look at you, weaponize your pain, and most importantly understand this; any fool can make a comment about you. If situations escalate then absolutely destroy their reputation.

Do not chase after shiny objects or people if you are not currently managing yourself with your maximum kinetic output. There are an innumerable amount of shiny objects and people going around this planet at all times so do not worry about missing out of the fun. I speak about this because too many people buy fancy cars, clothes, or objects to show off their self-image on social media to compensate for their miserable lives. Do not feed into your ego as it will drain your resources and happiness in the long run.

Play to Win:

Playing to Win is not a choice. It is an everyday habit for successful people. Build momentum by tactically making choices that ultimately lead to a strategic advantage on the field. Believe me, if you walk, talk, and are a breathing human being then the odds are already in your favor. Think about it, there are a few trillion to one odds of you being alive on this planet. Approach life everyday with a curious or grateful mindset and blessings will come to you ten fold.

What if you experience fear? Fear is the result of paralysis by analysis or being overwhelmed with bad decisions. Check out this video on YouTube to understand dissolving fear:

People are constantly spending resources in order to receive feedback from others : for a romantic relationship – this impatience or pushing feeling is about control.

It is important to understand that you must move forward by understanding situations and not controlling a situation. If you experience fear, your brain can only think up to the situation you fear and does not understand any further. Next, you make bad decisions by trying to control a situation through spending resources to attempt to receive accepting feedback from others and yourself. Alleviate the feeling of permanence.

Dissolve bad ideas, standards or norms, to understand the correct core epistemology. Also, check out this amazing website:

Time is always on your side. Rushing is unproductive. Be cool under pressure, move positively forward, and make everyone’s lives around you easier and better. The answer is always the same: make life simple with things being more positive.

Anyways, thank you for checking out this blog post. Be sure to check in for future posts…


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